Quantum Touch

Quantum-Touch is a powerful quantum healing technique that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to reduce pain and promote optimal wellness.

Life Force Energy, also known as ‘Qi’ in Chinese and ‘prana’ in Sanskrit, is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings.

Quantum-Touch teaches us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy, for a wide range of benefits with surprising and often extraordinary results.

Online healing services are  performed  via email, phone or video chat.

Single 30min session $50

Single 60 min session: $90

Package of 3 
60 min sessions: $249

Package of 5
60min sessions $397

Accepting healing on an energetic level creates exceptional relief with positive side effects!

Quantum-Touch is an effective method for reducing back pain, realigning structure, balancing organs, glands and systems, reducing muscle aches, healing injuries, healing burns, and so much more.

Quantum-Touch is easy enough to be learned by children, yet powerful enough to astound physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and a host of health professionals.

One of the real joys of this work is that we truly don't know the limits of what is possible. Your love has tremendous impact to benefit those around you. 

Using the Quantum-Touch techniques, we can create a high frequency of life force energy.

If we place this field of high energy around an area of pain, stress, inflammation, or disease, the body can entrain to the higher frequency, thus amplifying the body's ability to heal itself.

Your body has a desire to heal, and when allowed back into proper alignment is capable of doing so. Energy healing works to bring energy to realign the body and allow it's self-healing to begin.

Because of this, your body knows where the energy is most required, you are the best energy healer! In this way, many positive side effects occur as your body is working to begin healing in more than one area. 


“I felt a vibration in the back of my head. I found it to be calming and peaceful. Yes broke through lots of emotions. It was such a unique experience… the energy was flowing through me… my muscles were contracting and released randomly… I kept seeing white bright light”



“Felt hot all over. Then cool. I had a buzzing in my left foot towards the end…have had foot problems there, assumed it was a good sign. I'd love to do that every night to go to sleep with!!”


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Journey to Motherhood

This beautiful time for you and baby can present with many obstacles and blessings. I personally have found energy work soothing as it has allowed me to feel into my experience and connect more intimately with my babies.

Incorporating the energy into our being during the pregnancy will allow you to ease pregnancy symptoms while gently preparing yourself for labour, delivery, and post partum.

Quantum touch energy work has been shown to reduce the intensity of pregnancy related symptoms, reduce pain in labour, ease in delivery, soothe post partum healing, promote newborn wellbeing, and attend to emotional needs during this sacred time.

I am now offering a package of 5- 60 minute Quantum Touch sessions to lovingly support you on your journey!

Package of 5, 60min sessions $397

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My vision is to empower,
& connect
you to your body, your being,
and your baby during this beautiful time!


"When Thea began running the energy,
I could feel my body relax. I had aches, and after they went away. I now feel supported and like my fear of labour has been eased.
I feel supported and empowered.
And I loved feeling the baby move so much during the session!
Thankyou Thea!



"This was my first pregnancy and I was terrified. These sessions with Thea have prepared me for labour and then postpartum. I was able to be more present and enjoy the experience.
Thankyou Thea for sharing the energy and being there for me!


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Self-Created Health

Self-Created Health is a process that teaches people to discover, release and resolve the emotional causes of health, relationship, and issues around success.

The body has the ability to express illness, not as a dysfunction, but as a communication of how we stopped loving.

Through this process we will uncover the emotional cause at the root of your physical illness. Using a 7 step process I will guide you from discovery to love including steps of insight, remorse, forgiveness and self-love.  

Personalized 7 step process $197

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When the emotional cause is processed, the physical illness is no longer needed & fades away


I had no idea I was holding onto emotions from when I was little. Thea was able to identify a time in my childhood where I wasn't able the feel the anger.
Using the steps, I was able to process that anger and reach a new level of compassion for myself. 



This work blew me away. I had no idea all the emotions I was unable to feel.
This process has taught me so much and showed me that its safe to feel my feelings. I can now use this process as challenging emotions come up.
I grateful to have met Thea and work this her, thankyou!"


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