Ready to live (& love) with intention?

This will be our monthly gathering to come together and experience the healing and abundance from living with Life Force Energy.

This is an extension from our energy offerings on Insight Timer. I love the community its created, and this is for souls ready to take it one step further.

We will meet monthly via Zoom to allow for
authentic community & connection.
It will begin with 30minutes of a Group Energy Share (Quantum Touch Energy Session for everyone) followed by connection, sharing and insights.

This gathering will be monthly around the time of the full moon as a way of honoring the cycles in life and coming together to bring awareness to our challenges and put our love and intention into what we desire!

Upcoming Intentional Energy circles
Monday November 7 - 6am
Monday December 5 - 6am

This is for you if:
-you are wanting to live intentionally
-you are ready to bring awareness to your limitations and release them
-you are ready to come together, building community
-you are wanting to strengthen your connection to universal love
-you are wanting to experience this love and peace in your life
-you want to feel gratitude throughout your day
-you are ready to explore your potential
-you are ready to get clear on your desires, and then live them!

Personal investment is $30.

When we place an investment into our well-being, it amplifies our commitment and intentions! We have a way of placing value on our money, and when we use our money intentionally, we can amplify our (its) abilities.

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Your message has been sent successfully, I hope to respond within 24 hours- here we can arrange payment. Take a deep breath and feel into the energy! Allow yourself to become aware of what is being revealed to you! Observe and let it go. Take another breath of gratitude! together we can enjoy the abundance of miracles coming our way.

discover your power to heal

Divine love and gratitude contain the potential for miracles

Quantum touch 
level 1 workshop

"Thank you Thea for the wonderful course ๐Ÿ™‚ I had the best experience possible with you lovely ladies and I also felt a huge shift in my energy.

I learned so much from you both and I loved connecting with like-hearted people. As I drove to work today in my car newly enveloped in it's protective bubble of light, I felt way more protected and peaceful than ever before.

I asked my partner how he was feeling after we did our group session on him and he said he felt so calm and his anxiety was gone and said "you guys did something to me didn't you". Lol, I knew he'd pick up on it."


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what started as a causal conversation, quickly grew into a podcast where I get to meet and learn from our talented Quantum Touch Practitioners and Instructors!! 

We have a lot of fun sharing our stories and insights in a way that's down to earth!

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We are vibrational beings

Energy healing works with the quantum field, where consciousness affects matter. At the quantum level, everything, including our thoughts, feelings, and even our body is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. In essence, we are energetic beings having a human experience.

Physical wellness means vibrational wellness.

Our energetic bodies are intertwined with our physical bodies. Many factors contribute to our vibrational wellness including our thoughts, feelings, habits, past trauma, and beliefs. Traumas, toxins, negative thoughts, or prolonged stress can create disturbances in the energy flow in our bodies, which over time contributes to mental, emotional issues, and/or physical issues. In other words, the body reveals on the outside what is happening vibrationally inside.

Energy Healing May Help with Physical or Emotional Issues

Quantum-Touch provides powerful healing energy which can act as an antidote to pain, trauma, and stress and improve our well-being. Heart energy is especially supportive, working from inside out, to address disturbances in our Life Force Energy and improve our well-being.

Energy Healing is Available to Everyone

There is often a misconception that you need to be part of a new-age community, a vegetarian, or otherwise spiritually oriented to be open to energy healing. However, this isnโ€™t true. Energy healing is always accessible. Quantum-Touch is easy to learn and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Energy Healing expands beyond time and space

Because energy healing works sub-atomically, it is not limited by time or space. You can send energy into your future or to help issues from the past. You can cultivate or receive energy across space as well. This means that you donโ€™t have to be in the same room, city or even country as your energy healing practitioner to receive and benefit from Quantum-Touch.

Quantum-Touch is Painless and Has No Negative Side Effects

Energy Healing is gentle, non-invasive, and does not interfere with conventional medical treatments in any way. Many issues can be improved if not overcome by intelligently shifting the energies in the body that are maintaining that condition. The healing process may evoke a variety of emotions or physical sensations, like anger, happiness, sadness, tiredness, or relaxation. These feelings are a normal part of the healing process.

Energy Healing Works with Almost Every Other Type of Healing Modality

Energy healing complements many other forms of treatments and therapies. Combining holistic therapies, like Quantum-Touch, with conventional medical treatments can help you optimize your health and well-being. There is no โ€œone size fits allโ€ when it comes to healing. Energy medicine doesnโ€™t replace Western Medicine and vice versa. All modalities can work together to effectively support, balance, and restore our well-being.



all healing is self healing

Quantum-Touch empowers us to take responsibility for our health. All healing is self-healing and we have the power within to create optimal wellness.


works with Life force energy

Quantum-Touch works with Life Force Energy โ€“ a universal vibration of love and well-being. We believe Life Force Energy is at the heart of self-healing and Quantum-Touch teaches us how to focus this energy to improve our health and well-being.


simple to use, easy to learn

Quantum-Touch techniques are simple to use, easy to learn, yet powerful and effective, and can be done anytime, anywhere.


supports daily life

Using Quantum-Touch, the energy of health and well-being becomes part of our daily life and supports our ability to thrive at all levels.


the power of love

Quantum-Touch helps us experience more deeply the power of love, giving us a happier, more fulfilling life experience.


Positive change to the world

As more people use Quantum-Touch to fill their lives with universal love, Quantum-Touch becomes a way to bring positive change into the world.

Quantum Touchยฎ

is a gentle healing energy modality to stimulate and accelerate your body's natural healing abilities. In this way, it is a self healing therapy. 

It works with the life-force energy of the body to reduce pain and promote optimal wellness. This inner energy therapy is simple and natural. 

Quantum touch is intended to empower you to restore your health and wellbeing by helping you resolve the underlying causes of physical or emotional distress. It involves the best energy healer- yourself!


I'm grateful to work with these beautiful people


โ€œQuantum Touch is the most powerful energy healing modality Iโ€™ve ever experience. I myself am a Reiki master teacher, I and was blown away by the simple power of quantum touch. I have experienced profound shifts in my own personal life after experiencing this modality.

Thea is a pleasure to work with. She is highly empathic, compassionate, and very in tune with me. Iโ€™m very picky about who I choose for any sort of bodywork modality, because it is such an intimate experience. I fully trust Thea and her gifts.

I have recommended her services to several friends and family members, and they have all had positive experiences with her both individually and through group healings. If youโ€™re curious about quantum touch, book a session. You wonโ€™t regret it.โ€


For more than 20 years I had pain in my hip. Some physiotherapists told me that my hips and complete skeletal structure were out of alignment.

I measured my hips level before and after the session and found out that difference now was only 2-3 mm. Before, it was 12 mm!

 Thea, I canโ€™t express enough how thankful I am for your work and how much Iโ€™m looking forward to having more of these sessions, believing that my bones will be finally aligned, and my overall health improved.  


I was experiencing shoulder and neck pain at a 6, and not sleeping well. After a session I felt calm and relaxed. My pain went down to a 3. The following day the pain had subsided more and I had a great night sleep!


With Quantum Touch, the tension in my neck, shoulders and back relaxed. I got a sense of clarity in my mind, the fogginess and stress is lifted. I became less anxious and my sleep improved.

I have been able to really get in touch with my body as far as particular areas that I've had problems.

I felt a big wave of peace and comfort. Your shining light and support, sending me energy in the hard moments, even far away means more than you'll ever know!!

Lets chat!

Learn more about how the energy works for you

Many recipients of Quantum Touch report having positive outcomes with:

Easing Physical Discomfort

relief from distress, suffering, and pain; alleviating their potential concerns

improving mental concerns

improving focus, mental clarity, feelings of calm and ease

feeling emotionally balanced

feelings of greater awareness, harmony, security, and happiness

Creating More Success

You can experience more abundance and open the door to prosperity

Our future is community

welcome to this loving space!

As more people use Quantum-Touch to fill their lives with universal love, Quantum-Touch becomes a way to bring positive change into the world.

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Link for remote Quantum Touch session!

Welcome, I'm so excited to share this energy with you! I will email you the link shortly! I ask you come with an idea of your concern and an intention of the outcome you desire. Energy works best when we can acknowledge the concern, and then set our intentions on the desired outcome! See you at the session, much love! Thea

Insight Timer

Curious about Quantum Touch and Meditation? Here is a great place to try them both out and experience this unconditional love!

On Insight Timer I host free weekly live Quantum Touch Energy shares and meditations.

Access all my energy shares and meditations for FREE from the convenience of this app!

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...because of your loving support I am able to continue this work and reach more people!

a little makes a big difference and I want to begin with expressing how moved and grateful I am for all your support!

Your contributions allow me to continue my free energy shares, connecting more people with this beautiful loving energy!

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Hi, I'm Thea,
Nice to meet you!

Life didn't always feel this magical. To be honest I was oblivious to the anxious depressive fog I called life.

Through a series of health scares & challenges, I knew something had to change. I began seeking non-traditional healing methods. I learned not only what it means to surrender to love, but just how much potential I'm capable of.

And it not just me, we are ALL capable of this great love. Sometimes we just need a helping hand to steer us in the right direction. And that's what I'm here to help you with. I will gently guide your inner healer to see just how beautiful you truly are.

Everything changed when I decided to say yes to loving myself. And my guess is this may be the same for you too!

Through meditation, body awareness, breathing and energy work I began to feel alive. I learned what it means to be feel love. I learned how to use my life force for inner energy healing.

These techniques truly are a form of self healing therapy. This inner healing therapy becomes a way of life and easily incorporates into all aspects of your day.  

Now as a certified energy healing practitioner, I'm excited that I get to share that with you, that you may also radiate your truth!

Feelings are for feeling.
I'm so glad we met!

our future is community

lets stay connected!


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