Meditation for Transformation and acceLerated self-healing

This is more than just a meditation practice, it's an invitation to discover a simple technique that unlocks profound change within. Begin a daily practice that requires just 10 minutes each morning to connect with your breath and body.

This isn't about waiting for dramatic healing moments or attending intensive workshops for spiritual breakthroughs. Life itself is the ceremony, providing lessons, opportunities, and beauty.

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Meditation emphasizes the mind-body connection, 

encouraging us to be more aware of our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. This heightened awareness can lead to better self-care decisions and a greater understanding of our body's needs.

Healing can be
a joyful and effortless experience.

 This practice empowers you with a valuable tool to navigate life's challenges, triggers, and circumstances.

Rather than waiting for external healing, we create our healing moments within the experiences of daily living.

Life is our ceremony, and learning this technique is the most loving gift we can give ourselves— a reminder that we are love.

Are you ready to begin?


"Fighting my body and feeling like I was always in constant pain was my life. And then I was referred to Thea through a friend. I learned so much- and these were simple strategies I could add to my day.

A big shift for me was a new connection to my breath, one that I've wanted for so many years of my life and couldn't quite get to. Thankyou for the deep healing this has offered. Its changed the way I think about my body and what it means to become pregnant."



After my miscarriage I learned about Thea's work. I had no idea I was holding onto emotions from when I was little. I was able to identify a time in my childhood where I wasn't able the feel the anger.

Using these steps, I was able to process that anger and reach a new level of compassion for myself. Thankyou Thea for sharing the energy and being there for me!


learn A simple and effective Daily Meditation Practice 

to create healing within, and then create the life we want!

Because the point is not to sit here and heal,
Its to live and experience!

Learn how this practice will create a skill and habit you can use throughout your day when a pain, challenged or trigger arises (because they will)

We combine meditation, breathwork, energy work & quantum healing into one simple practice so you can live and love life! 

Yep, being completely honest!
I cannot wait to share this with you too!

Become a Breathing Beauty today!


"I struggled to connect with my grandkids and began looking for help. 

When I began working with Thea, I became aware of a time when I was 8 that I wasn't able to feel grief for a pet who passed away.

I realized, since that moment I was unable to connect with others in fear they would leave me. Once making this connection, I could feel my body relax. It changed the way I views and interacted in my relationships

 Oh my goodness Thea it was all so wonderful. I feel supported and empowered. 
Thankyou Thea!



This work blew me away. I had no idea all the emotions I was unable to feel. This process has taught me so much and showed me that its safe to feel my feelings. I can now use this process as challenging emotions come up.

Throughout getting pregnant, pregnancy, labour and especially post partum, I felt like an anxious mess. I began practicing these simple meditations and its changed everything.

I'm now enjoying the snuggles of my daughter with a new appreciation for life. I'm grateful to have met Thea and work with her, thankyou!"


Meditation to overcome anxiety, stress and overwhelm. Experience the power of your breath combined with intention and attention and body awareness. This is the power of quantum energy healing in a simple daily meditation practice.

feeling like a reset?

This simple 3 day meditation series is for you!

Take a deep breath and feel the power within you. What if you had a tool to ease stress, anxiety, and overwhelm whenever they arise? What if you could tap into this tool anytime you needed it? The truth is, you already possess this incredible tool – your breath.

Join us for a transformative 3-day meditation series where we'll harness the innate power of our breath to overcome self-doubt and cultivate inner peace and confidence. Together, we'll dive into the essence of life force energy, grounding ourselves in our bodies and clarifying our intentions. Through simple yet powerful practices, we'll learn to breathe deeply into every cell, amplifying our vitality and directing our energy with focused intention.

This series is about more than just meditation – it's about embracing our innate superpower and creating a daily habit that empowers us to navigate life's challenges with grace and alignment. 


Excellent meditation for beginners and beyond! Thank you :)

This was so needed. thank you for helping me love myself and others.

Very useful when you are feeling anxiety. Thank you.

Beautiful meditation. A positive and healing experience. I am grateful 🙏🏻💫 Exactly what I needed. Thank you for sharing🙏

Such a powerful meditation—it really helped me to release the negativity in my heart and opened my heart to compassion! Thank you so much!

This is a wonderfully simple meditation. Love the sound of the singing bowl taps in the background. The length of the track is perfect. Thank you 💕

Hi, I'm Thea!

Its nice to meet you and I'm glad you're here!

I was feeling hopeless,
in a depression & silent grief from miscarriages.

At that time, I was working as an ultrasound technologist at an OB/GYN & fertility clinic. I saw daily what these patients went through; I was involved in their treatments. After my blood work showed low progesterone it was suggested to seek fertility treatment.  When faced with becoming a patient myself, I knew there had to be a better way. 

Through a series of synchronicities,

 I changed my diet, mindset, and perspective. I learned about the power of my breath, and how stress impacts our hormones. Through meditation I learned the importance of intentions, expressing emotions and how energy is the foundation for life. Within the first month of making a lifestyle shift I became pregnant with our second! And then after deep diving into stored emotions and programmed beliefs,
I became pregnant with our third.

Through these changes I experienced low-risk pregnancies, quick natural homebirths, and sleeping babies.

This healing journey led me to where I am now: proud momma to 3 beautiful kiddos! I now feel a deep connection to not only my kiddos, but myself. This journey taught me how to truly love myself, all aspects, and now I can model this love for my kids. Each day can present challenges, and now I have the tools to choose how I wish to respond.